First off I’m not putting myself forward as a football expert or even a Fantasy Football expert. I’ve no picture of myself with oversized cheque from a broadsheet editor to post here as proof of any credentials. However, during the many years I’ve played Fantasy Football I’ve always found that one of the key pleasures to be gained from playing is that it promotes opinion and discussion. That’s a small part of what this website is about. For what it’s worth, I’ll give you my opinion on players to buy, sell and sub , to some extent, just like a real-life scout. And, just like a real-life manager, it’s up to you how much weight you give it and how you use it.

The other 99% of this site is provided as a service to Fantasy Football Managers because I know from experience, just how much time can be spent prowling around the hundreds of football sites for the nuggets of information that will give you the edge. I’ve created this site so I can do the prowling for you and then hopefully present the news you need in an informative and maybe even, entertaining way.

The site will bring you football news but from the perspective of a Fantasy Football Manager. Every bit of news I post on this site will assess the impact on your Fantasy team. The site is not affiliated to any particular Fantasy Football game, but the stuff you’ll read here will hopefully be useful to you, no matter which game you’re playing.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s down to you how you use what you find here. I’ll endeavour to keep the site updated on a daily basis and its visitors well-informed, although the site is very much a hobby for me, or rather an extension of a hobby, so be understanding when my other commitments (work, relationships, bodily functions) come calling. Oh and just one little disclaimer – don’t go chucking teacups or lawsuits my way if one of my recommendations backfires or you lose out on a big cheque because of something you read here. Even real life scouts make mistakes, Rebrov, Balaban, Marlet. I could go on and I probably will. Just watch.