Donate To Fantasy Football Scout

Why Would I Want To Donate To The Site?

Well, to be honest, I don’t really know. There’s clearly no obligation to hand over your hard earned. Just do so if you feel like showing your appreciation and support. With that in mind, let me fill you in on my current situation with the Fantasy Football Scout…

Over the last twelve months the site traffic has grown to a size that’s too big to be hosted on a shared server, but not quite big enough for me to earn significant revenue in order to place it on a dedicated server (not without pushing horrible ads in your face).

Despite that, because I wanted to continue with the site and ensure stability for the visitors that’s built up, I made the decision to pay for a dedicated server solution. So this is currently coming out of my own pocket, along with the fees for the chat room and podcast hosting.

I’ve had many emails in the past requesting the ability to contribute a donation to the site, so I’m hoping the reaction to this will be a positive one and provide some help towards continuing the growth of fantasy football scout.

All donations are handled through paypal so it’s all secure and easy to work with. You’ll receive email notification of any donation and cancellation made.

Many thanks for your support as always.

Mark and the FFScout team

How Do I Donate?

There are two ways you can donate to Fantasy Football Scout…

A one off donation is just that – a single donation to the site which can be any amount of your choosing. You can do this by clicking on the donate button in the right menu bar (scroll down the page, it’s under the podcast banner on the right of your screen).

A monthly donation or “subscription”, is a donation that is set at £1, recurring each month until cancelled. Use the subscribe button in the right menu to donate via this method.

You can cancel or “unsubscribe” from this monthly donation payment at any time using the unsubscribe button or by cancelling direct via you paypal account. Full instructions on this are in your payment email payment receipt each month.

This isn’t a subscription as such. No unique content will be delivered as a result of donating in this way, I’m keen to ensure that all content is kept free of charge. This is just a method of spreading your donation over a period of months which, in turn, offers me a regular monthly sum to help with the monthly server costs.