The Chatroom

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Scout’s Chatroom

This chatroom will be open at various points throughout the week. Mainly on matchdays. Opening times will be announced in article posts.

Getting Started

If you cannot see the chat login panel then please scroll down to the “Technical Support” section at the bottom of this page.

Log in to the Chat Room using the panel below. Simply select a username and press the “Enter Chat Room” button. Non-staff members do not need a password to enter.

Rule number one before we get started – please don’t deliberately take another users regular username from the site.

Don’t like rules? I’ve only just started. See below for tips and the house rules…

This Chat Software requires Java:
Get Java Now

User Tips

Don’t navigate away from the page or refresh the page once logged in. You may find yourself logged out if you do. Open a new window if you wish to add comments to the site or browse a new site.

Take a look around the room’s features.

If things get hectic in the main room then you can enter into private chat with any user by selecting them in the left hand user list and right-clicking to reveal a menu. Select “Istant Message” to start a chat with that user.

The House Rules

This chat room is set up to extend the Fantasy Football Scout community and allow some friendly banter on match days. Please keep things civil and enjoy yourselves. Much as I hate setting rules here on the site, I’ve treated you to some in this particular case…

Please keep on topic. In the main this chat room should be used to discuss matches in progress unless otherwise specified in the welcome message. Amusing off-topic banter is fine to an extent, but this is not the place to discus politics, religion, or the price of fish. Persistent off-topic comments will be removed and result in a warning and possible ejection for the user.

Please respect other users at all times. An acceptable level of banter is one thing but any abusive posts or persistent verbal bullying will result in a user being warned and then ejected from the room. In some cases this will be extended to a ban for future use.

No spam. Please do not post the same statement repeatedly. Persistent spamming will result in you being silenced and then banned.

No user impersonation. IP addresses are tracked and if you are found to be impersonating another user you will be ejected from the room.

Finally, my say and that of any allocated staff members in my absence, is final here. If we feel you’re acting inappropriately, or that you’ve posted something unsuitable, it will be deleted from the room and you will be warned and ejected if necessary. Nothing personal, just me and the staff keeping things clean, legal and friendly.


Technical Support

To use this chatroom you must have a Java Virtual Machine installed/enabled, if you do not see the chat applet and see a box with a red X in it, then this indicates they you not have one installed.

To download and install the required virtual machine, visit here and select the correct installation for your operating system.

Once downloaded you will need to run the installation wizard. When given the option for browser, select the one in use and upon completion of the installation, reboot your computer.