Meet The Team

This place doesn’t run itself you know. It takes a good number of people to put together its brand of misguided nonsense. Here’s your culprits…

Mark (@FFScout_Mark): Creator and Editor. Just over four years ago I was looking for an excuse to build something on the internet and at the same time justify my obsessive hunger to painstakingly research every nuance of my fantasy football lineup. The logic was that if I published my worthless research on the internet, I’d no longer feel the need to bore people face to face. You’re reading the end result. I’m still boring people face to face.

Elfozzie: The Scout’s Commercial Director is far from a newbie to either Fantasy Football or the journalism scene (he reminds us 3.4 times a day that he used to write for Total Football), Chris has forgotten more about this Fantasy lark than most people learn in a lifetime, which probably explains why he’s languishing in the lower echelons of the table. Fortunately, he’s retained rather more information about business development, which is his main day-to-day role for the Scout and accounts for his wearing a suit with proper posh trousers rather than trackie bottoms.

Paul (@FFScout_Paul): Deputy Editor and one-man word machine, Sir Paulos spends him time amongst the chalkboards and heat maps, drumming up ideas for Technical Area pieces. A stats-obsessive, he’s known to lose himself in Opta data, emerging only to spill some words before diving back in. An insomniac, Sir Paulos counts sheep in 4-3-1-2 formations in order to nod off. [Article History]

Granville (@FFScout_Granny): My stoic podcast co-host drives me on to continue my fantasy football career by being one of the most opinionated football fans I’ve ever met. I’ll never tire of beating his fantasy lineup, although listening to him whine about all his bad luck on a weekly basis did lose its shine very quickly. That’s why we started the podcast; now you can all enjoy listening to his excuses. [Article History]

Jonty (@Newsandfeatures): He spent years dishing out advice as part of the Fantasy Football Scout community so we had to welcome him into the team as a writer. Now Jonty can also be found gabbing along with Mark and Granville on the Scoutcast as well as holding the venerable position of Community Manager. Next? World domination. As a previous winner of the Scout Cup to boot, he knows that he is expected to follow strict contributor tradition and crash and burn with the rest of us in the future. [Article History]

Andy (@ffscout_andy): For over three seasons Andy had his finger in just about every pie going. Be it a season of providing articles for Metro or introducing Champions League coverage to the Scout we’ve seen our Fantasy Game guru cover the depth and breadth of articles we put out. Having recently put his pen down as a regular scribe for the site, Andy is now more keenly felt “behind the scenes” but continues to be a lasting presence in Scout Towers. [Article History]

Big Dunc (@FFScout_Dunc): Far more prolific than his Everton idol, Big Dunc once posted 289 comments in one day – producing more spam than the African lottery who have my bank details. It gave me no choice but to cut him a set of keys and welcome him in. Big Dunc produces the “Differentials” every week, pointing out the players we’ve foolishly overlooked. [Article History]

Anorak (@FFScout_Anorak): For well over a year Anorak was diligently keeping tabs of each and every card ushered towards the sky by the referees. We at Scout Towers took note of this hard work and gave him control of his very own “Suspension Watchlist” widget seen on the toolbar to your right. He is now regarded as the best card counter this side of Las Vegas. [Article History]

Akers (@FFScout_Akers): The founder and administrator of the Fantasy Football Scout Cup, this guy seemed to have been hovering on the site for ages and developed this handy little habit of contributing knowledgeable and sound comments on a regular basis. In my head he was 46 with a beard, a pint of real ale and an Old Trafford size chip on his shoulder. He’s not, he’s in his early twenties and has no right to know as much about football as he does. [Article History]

Pure Olivia (@FFScout_PureO): At first glance this guy appears to be named after a low fat spread but he did in fact adopt that name after the birth of his daughter. That left me wondering how he managed to absorb his football knowledge whilst finding the time to a) find a partner, b) conceive a child c) remember that child’s name. Recently he’s had another child and masterminded our Season Ticker developments. He’s obviously some kind of multi-tasking genius; just what we needed.

Stilicho: Formerly a strong part of the Fantasy Football Scout community, and, while keeping that title, Stilicho is now one of the newest recruits to Sir Paulos’ budding crop of writers. Just be wary if you decide to mention Danny Murphy’s name. A great klaxon might not be far off from following. [Article History]

Money Mike: The Fantasy Football Scout betting aficionado. Money Mike eats, sleeps and drinks on the odds and regularly brings the results back to the Scout Community with his “Fantasy Flutter” articles. If you want to spend a penny or two with our betting partners at Paddy Power then Mike should your first port of call for advice. [Article History]

Greek Fan (@FFScout_Greekf): Busier than Nicklas Bendtner’s PR office, Greek Fan quickly revealed himself as a workaholic comment poster and quickly transferred that quality as a contributor to become a vital member of the team. The resident newshound, Greek Fan has succeeded in making Twitter useful, whilst becoming an expert on Rafael Van der Vaart’s hamstrings. Greek Fan also does all our laundry and is Hull City’s groundsman. Probably. If he had the time.

da Beeeez: Our stateside statistician gets to work whilst most of us are tucked up in bed. Da Beeeez can be found desperately trying not to mention the words “Roster” and “Landon Donovan” in his articles. He doesn’t always succeed. [Article History]

Chris Glover (@plfantasy): The owner, creator and writer behind the PL Fantasy Blog will be putting his computer sized brain to work as a guest writer for Fantasy Football Scout. A fortnightly visit to this arena will bear fruit for both members and non-members alike as Chris brings his knowledge to the masses. [Article History]