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Welcome to Fantasy Football Scout, the original, biggest (and we sincerely hope) best fantasy football community and advice resource for the Fantasy Premier League and other leading fantasy football games (that’s soccer to our US chums, not grid iron!)

If you know your history
For the last 12 years the FFS team (link) have been providing insight, tips, tools, tech and a place for the community to come together to chat, argue or just share their love of the fantasy game. Over the years the specific elements have grown and evolved a fair bit, we now have hundreds of articles, multiple video feeds, social channels, tools and a whole lot more, so consider this a user guide.

Catering for the whole community
Whether you consider yourself an obsessed pro contender wanting to hone their edge with our tools, an enthusiastic amateur wanting to progress in your office league or a complete beginner trying to understand what all the fuss is about, you are welcome here.  Whatever your level we think you’ll find something of interest.

How it works…
Whilst we try to make everything on the site as simple as possible, there is a LOT to discover out there and we want to make sure you make the absolute most of the site. We’ve divided these into the following areas. Click on an area to get a little more information

Insight & Opinion
Video & Audio
Social Channels
Get Involved!
Typical Game Week

(N.B. for each one we can have a breakdown of the key tools, elements offered)

Typical Game Week
For each fantasy gameweek we have a basic structure of cornerstone articles and updates that tie in with the thinking of football managers

Day 0 – Match day (Saturday)

Breakfast Club Cast
Selection Preview Articles
MatchCast – A live fantasy video cast with the team discussing how they can
Social channel updates on all goals
Live data updates via LiveFPL.net

Day 1 – Post Match (Sunday)
Scout Reports on key data follow-ups

Day 2 – xx

Day 3
Captains’ Poll

Day 4
Scout Squad

Day 5
Team News

Day 6
Scout Update
Scout Picks
GW Round Up

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